Saturday, June 28, 2008

June in a nutshell

Okay, so I lied. This happened in May. I went to visit the Cullings and on this particular afternoon, it suddenly started raining. Micah and Mikayla grabbed their boots and rain jackets super fast and ran outside! So cute.

I've been trying so hard to stop biting/picking my nails this past month. I'm not being successful so far. I just keep telling myself, "I've done this before, I can do it again." The fact is, I've only done it once in my whole life. So, the chances are I might not be able to kick it. But it sure would be nice!

Adam's birthday was on June 2nd. We went out on a party boat with the Coes at the Mission Viejo Lake. We had Chinese food (his favorite) for lunch, and then had cake at the Coe's afterward. Tam did a sweet thing for Adam. Adam's mom got Adam an Oreo cookie ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins every year for his birthday. Now that she's passed away, Tam decided to continue the tradition. It meant a lot to him! Here's his pretty cake:

Shane and Katie came over and happened to bring a 12-pack of my favoritest drink ever, Cactus Cooler. I never drink non-diet soda and was majorly the 4 of us managed to drink the entire pack. Here we are with the aftermath. Cactus Cooler also gives me lots of energy and people say I "bounce off the walls" when I drink it.

Brandon and Eva got Adam an additional guitar for our Wii Guitar Hero game. It has a pink plate on it, so naturally we deemed it the girls' guitar. Here they are, eyes starting to cross because they are staring at the TV so intensely. Guitar Hero Aerosmith is coming out tomorrow! Can't wait!

Here are my doggies. They are so cute. We love them. They are wild and play rough with each other and drive us crazy sometimes though. Adam threatens to sell one of them. However, when we take them on long walks during hot weather, they get tired and settle down. Then they do cute things like this:

This month has been so busy that we are all exhausted!! :)

On to July! I hope it will be more relaxing.

Hold your breath!

I have been experimenting all day with Picnik (most of you know what that the website from makes your pictures look cool), and I'll be releasing some fabulous photos in the morning. I just thought I'd let you know! Don't hold too high an expectation...I said masterpieces on my computer yet. Stay logged in?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movies and Relationships and Flighty Thoughts

Isn't it amazing that when you care about people so much, you hurt when they do? Or you celebrate when they do? If you really think about it logically, it seems crazy that we do that...God gives us such an amazing love we can't help it.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I had never and NEVER thought I would see a movie by myself, but I did about a month ago, and I think I will go again tonight.

It kinda makes me feel like a loner but it's relaxing at the same time. I'm definitely an extrovert so doing this is kind of a challenge for myself.

We are looking for a place to buy right now and saw an amazing one today. Adam just called me and said, "Get your booty to church because you need to meet us to sign papers on this offer we're making." Pray that it goes through! It would be fabulous! Gotta fly!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

2,557 days...and many more to come!

Adam and I started dating 7 years ago, tomorrow. I'm so glad I remember it. I had gotten back from being a counselor at summer camp, and I went to find him at the church (he was a janitor there). He was getting off and he asked me if I wanted to go get a Slurpee (still one of my favorite things). I said yes, of course. We went, and then came back, and he said something that resulted in a statement like, "So maybe we should start dating." My brain thought, "It's about TIME!!!" :)

A picture from the first summer we dated (a picture we also used in our wedding invites - it was the RSVP info card.

There. I've blogged, once again. I'm trying to get better about it.

P.S. If you are figuring the math problem associated with the 2,557 days, I took 7 years, multiplied by 365 days per year, then added 2 days, because of leap years in 2004 and 2008. It's the teacher in me. A year is actually 365.25 days. That's why a leap year comes every four years. I'm sure most of you knew that, but if not, here's to knowledge!