Monday, December 31, 2007


I've taken up two new and interesting, unexpected hobbies this winter season.

1. Dance Dance Revolution - Adam got me this video game for our Nintendo Wii and I must say, it is really fun! I am getting good and it is really good exercise that you can do barefoot and underneath the ceiling fan! :) If you haven't heard of it, it's originally an arcade game where you watch the arrows on the screen and match them with your feet. Some kids out there are amazing with it and can do flips and turns and whatnot and still hit the arrows. My brother is one of those kids.

2. Geocaching - I find this an amazing sport and hobby. I didn't realize how much I liked being outside until I started doing this. I'll do my best to explain it, but if you want to jump ahead, here's an informative website:

Here's a picture of a geocache found in a tree.

So, geocaching is like a treasure hunt or Easter egg hunt. There's no real "treasure " involved, but it gets you outside in nature and discovering new things. The way the game goes is, you log into a website ( is the best) and make a screen name for yourself, and then you can search for these "caches" all over the world - particularly in the area you live in. Then, you plug in the coordinates to any cache you want to find into your GPS (the one expense I had for this hobby). Then you drive or walk to it and start looking. Often the caches are hidden in a tree trunk or under leaves, etc. It's really fun and you have to be sneaky because if there are people around you look pretty weird searching around for what seems like nothing! Anyway, when you find the cache you sign in your name and where you're from, and you can see who else found it recently. There are also lots of little trinkets in most caches and you can take something if you want, as long as you replace it with something else. You can also hide your own caches and register the latitute/longitude points with the website, and other people will start looking for it!

Anyway, I know I sound like such a geeky nerd but this seems so fun to me.