Sunday, May 18, 2008

What happens in my spare time...

Okay, so I guess it isn't really spare time, but Adam is watching some suspenseful show on TV, so I started looking through all of the pictures I could find on my computer. It was pretty amusing. I thought I'd share some pictures from our early years.

This was one of our first dates in the summer of 2001. Adam came over with a beautiful flower arrangement and cooked me a delicious Asian-inspired dinner.

I know this was one of Adam's birthdays, I'm not quite sure which one. My guess is his 22nd birthday. I made him close his eyes while I was driving, stopped at Jamba Juice and got his favorite smoothie and pretzel, and took him to a private gazebo that I found, looking over the ocean. We sat and enjoyed our Jamba and God's beautiful creation. Do we look different than we do now? :)

August 28th, 2004! The day we tied the knot. That was one of the best days of my life. I can't believe it was almost 4 years ago already! We were coming out of the church into the reception courtyard as our emcee announced us.

I loved my flowers, so so so so much, so I thought I'd include one of just my bouquet, teehee. It's weird to think that almost all of you who might read this weren't even there, or didn't even know me.

Hmmm, this is the head table, but I think I forgot to rotate the picture. You can see the table if you tilt your head to the right.

These are my eight girls. It was so fun to plan their outfits for them. They all wore green strapless, tea length dresses (celadon, to be exact) and pink Roxy sandals. I'm not sure if the photographer took a picture of my shoes, but they were white flip flops with a little height and sparkly white beads on them. I still have them, and occasionally wear them :)

My centerpieces. The day before the wedding a bunch of friends and I made them all. We picked up the flowers from the florist (I bought all my flowers from the greenhouse, then hired a florist to design everything but the centerpieces), and made...let's see...about 55 of them. Then I set one table the way I wanted it, and everyone else copied mine :)

Flash forward several we are, our little family. This is at my parents' house in Pismo Beach the last time we went there, around Easter time. This next one is actually in the exact spot we got engaged (February 14, 2004). We went back there over Spring Break. He proposed in Cambria at a place called Moonstone Beach...a complete surprise I might add :) Another best day of my life!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the little album. I loved looking through all the pics again.