Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ok, ok. One more thing.

I never shared the incredibly funny picture of Adam and I in our Halloween costumes.

Here we are. Yes, those are tots in our hands. No, we aren't incredibly short - the picture was just taken from up high, making our legs...messed up. ;) I know, we're silly.
Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Sam! ;)

Christmas is such a busy season. It's hard to catch my breath sometimes. Does God want us to slow down? I suppose it depends on what we are doing, our motives for the things we do, and if it is keeping us from spending time with Him. It's interesting to even think about this in a ministry perspective. We're doing so many things at church. Here's my list:

1. choreographing the children's choir musical, performing tonight and tomorrow
2. memorizing music for our choir performances, next Fri. and Sat. (if you live in or near Orange County, come! It's at the EV Free Church of Laguna Hills and it's free, and it will be fabulous! Starts at 7pm)
3. Preparing for Christmas Eve ensemble
4. Christmas parties galore, including hosting my own festive dinner party for the members in our Bible study group

All these things are great, but why am I doing them? If it is to give myself merit, I don't dare do any of these things. I pray that God continues to humble me and give me a heart that wants His name glorified, always.

On a different note, I got a new job over a month ago, and should probably write about it. It's an awesome job. I'm taking care of an 88 year old lady named Eva that attends our church. She has been the biggest blessing and encouragement to me. She is so disciplined! I am learning a lot from her, just by living daily life with her. We do a Bible study together every morning, I get to style her hair, and cook for her, and shop for her...along with a lot of other things. Life couldn't get better outside of heaven :) I'm also keeping all of my tutoring students and doing that in the afternoons and evenings. I laugh at how foolish I am sometimes, worrying that God won't take care of me, when in reality He has the best in mind.

And Christmas comic for the day: