Friday, August 31, 2007

Our Little Anniversary Getaway

On August 28th Adam and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I can't believe it has been so long already - time flies when you're having fun, I suppose! Here's a catalogue of our events:

Adam smiling big at Islands...the waitress found out it was our anniversary, and it just happened to be Islands' anniversary too! She gave us our entire meal for free. What a pleasant surprise.

Adam and I decided to run away to Long Beach for a couple of days. We visited with the Cullings and their bunnies. Here's Mikayla with one of them...I forget the name of this one.

I will NEVER forget the name of this one though. Micah and Mikayla thought this bunny looked like a "potato puff ball" so they named it Gnocchi, pronounced "Nee yo kee". How's that for creativity?

I have wanted to go to this used bookstore called Acres of Books for a long time. The funny thing is, when we went looking for it in Long Beach, we couldn't find it. Then, from the distance, Adam saw the writing on the wall displayed behind me in the picture. So...the store wasn't as prominent as I expected...but still by far the hugest bookstore I have ever seen. One could spend days in there and not even put a dent in the reading material.

We went to a store in Shoreline Village called Hot Licks. It has all these spicy sauces and memorabilia. We asked the lady what the hottest thing in the store was. She said it was a little bottle of oil that has no flavor, and three things: 1. you have to sign a waiver to buy it 2. you have to be over 21 to buy it, and 3. it costs $40 for a bottle about the size of a typical vanilla extract bottle. All that to say, we weren't interested, but we did buy some sauces for Adam's dad and brother.

Mikayla dancing in the backyard...Micah and Adam having a man to man talk out on the bench. I later found out that they were discussing how old they thought Gnocchi was...Micah says he's 3 or 4...but younger than himself.

Us trying gelato for the first time. We finally decided on strawberry...we always run into a problem because I like the fruity flavors and Adam likes the chocolate/creamy flavors. I won this time I guess :)

I thought it'd be cool to stick my arm out the sunroof and snap a picture of myself. Just a little silliness comin' out. We were driving on a huge bridge over the harbor, looking at all the shipyard trucks and apparatus.

We went to a teacher supply store and got a little carried away with the puppets. We spent about 5 minutes there, playing puppet show. I also got some good stuff for tutoring this next these kind of stores.

On our last day there we went to a local Farmer's Market and got us some yummy peaches, pluots, and nuts. We also went on a harbor cruise, where the above picture was taken. This was right between seeing the huge Queen Mary (did you know this ship is actually longer than the Titanic was?) and watching the sea lions sunbathe on various buoys.

So, do you feel like you were there with us now? I'm trying to get back into the blog world. The academic year is upon us - Adam is taking a class at Talbot, and I am about to enjoy another year of working with kids and helping them become more successful students. God has blessed us beyond our imagination!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here's a picture of me with my mom (guess which one she is?), Adam's grandma, and Adam's mom. This was at my bridal shower in June of 2004. When I see pictures of Adam's mom, it sometimes feels like she's still alive. Then I remember that she's not. It makes me sad. She's not going to be with us for a lot of monumental things that will happen in our lives. I need to remember that heaven is better than anything that could happen here. Regardless, I am so glad I have this picture.

My brother Justin and I at Hume Lake in the summer of 2004. I was a camp counselor for the high school girls, and my bro was in high school. Where he got his tall-ness, I have no idea! He could have shared with me :) This was the last time my brother and I were really friends. I moved away to college, he finished high school, and now he is not the same. I need to pray for him more.

Hahaha...Adam is going to kill me if he finds out I put this on here. This is my hunk 'o hubby next to our very first Christmas tree. What he is doing with his finger, I don't know. Perhaps he was counting to three and I took the picture way too soon!?

More reminiscing to come later...enjoy.