Friday, June 26, 2009

Long time no see.

Future highlights of my summer:

1. Hawaii - a parent of one of my students owns a condo on the big island in Mauna Lani. She offered it to us to use for a week and we're really excited! This will probably be the nicest vacation we've ever had. Oh wait, besides our honeymoon 5 years ago this is the only other real vacation we've been on!

Things I'm looking forward to in Hawaii: going to the seahorse farm, staying in a nice condo, having reserved beach loungers on the beach, seeing the volcano erupting, and a lot of other things.

2. Not going to work - so being a teacher is paying off now. It is so nice to work so hard, especially at the end of the school year, and then have the summer off. I need to think of some projects I can work on so I don't get bored!

3. Washington DC - Adam has to go to a conference in Maryland in August and I decided I would go with him and we would spend a few extra days in Washington DC. I am looking forward to visiting the Holocaust Museum and a few other Smithsonian museums. We also want to go to the Arlington Cemetery because Adam wrote the music for a self-guided headphone tour there! I'm looking forward to using public transportation there - I know people who live there may be annoyed with it, but here in CA it's difficult to use so I think it will be fun to experience it.

4. Baby showers and births - many friends are having babies these next few months and I am excited to meet their little ones. All of them are girls except for one that I'm not sure about. (I think/hope it's a boy!) I threw a shower for a friend that turned out so awesome! I will post pictures soon.

Hopefully I will get back into this soon! I got a Flip video camera for my birthday so perhaps I can make some videos of things that lots of you have wanted to see pictures of.

Hasta for now!