Wednesday, July 27, 2011


These shoes look just like mine. I love that there are so many options out there to choose a pair that fits your style and personality!

This is a no-brainer, but I think people avoid this aspect of health because they can only see it being accomplished if they are one of those runners you see on the side of the road, or a guy lifting weights in the mirror at the gym, or a full-on swimmer, cap/goggles and all. Most of us aren't talented in one particular sport, at least I'm not! My commitment that I've made to myself is to do at least one form of physical activity per day, specifically for the reason of moving my body. Another thing I've learned is, if I wait to join an exercise class until I'm "comfortable" I will never get there! I'm not the most athletic, coordinated, nor do I look "pretty" while I'm exercising, but I'm learning that the gift I'm giving myself in improved health is worth any insecurity I feel.

I've enjoyed the variety that classes at my local gym provide me with. Some things that I've liked doing recently:

*walking outdoors, around a lake or a set track so I know how far I've gone
(Rancho Santa Margarita lake is 1.1 miles!)

*step aerobics with weights incorporated
(S.E.T class at 24 Hour Fitness - if you have a membership check it out!)

*kick boxing/dancing - I look like a fool and sometimes even stop moving completely to stare at the instructor with my mouth dropped open, in hopes of just maybe understanding one more move that she's doing
(Turbo Kick Box, 24 Hour Fitness)

*swimming laps or "running" across the pool
(so refreshing in this hot weather and the water gives you great resistance, burning more calories, yet easier on the joints!)

My main reason for writing posts about this is to keep myself accountable - I figure if I'm putting my thoughts out there, I need to maintain my attitude. So get out there and exercise with someone - meet someone at the gym for a class (trust me, it is SO much easier to try it the first time if you go with a friend), go for a walk, turn on an exercise video, do SOMETHING! Replace a bad habit with this great one. Ask me about how I'm doing if you like! :)


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